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Smart Client

The Triumph Torque Smart Client is a small application that Premier Members can install to help their use of Triumph Torque.

We do not recommend using the smart client on shared machines (e.g. at public kiosks or Internet Cafes).


  • Ability to upload large files (site limit: 4MB, client limit: your storage allowance)
  • Ability to upload multiple files.
  • Uploads automatically resume from their last point (if there is Internet connection failure or you restart the client).

Installing and Running

To install, simply run the setup and follow the onscreen prompts. To run, you will find "smartclient" icon under "Triumph Torque" in your Start Menu.

The client acts like a messenger client, where it shows as an icon in the task tray. You can right click this icon for an option menu or double click to show the client screen.


When launched, the client will ask you to login. You also have the option to save your login details to automatically login in future. Both of these are done securely.

Client Screen

Uploading Files

Drag the files you wish to upload into the upload queue; you will be asked what is the target album. Select your target album and click OK. The files will be queued up and a status for each file will be shown. You can delete a pending item by selecting it and pressing the delete key on your keyboard.

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