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Ben Gray

Ben sadly lost his life whilst out riding his Triumph Daytona on the A447 near Stapleton after he was involved in a collision with a car travelling in the opposite direction on 13th April 2010.

Ben was coming round a long sweeping corner on Ashby Road A447, travelling from Hinckley towards home, he had past the apex of the corner and for some reason his bike was on the wrong side of the road where it came into contact with a car. The driver of the car didn't see why Ben was on the wrong side of the road as she didn't see him until they had crashed. However Ben was not speeding, the speed limit is 60 mph, it has been recorded that the speed was 33-46 mph. As it was the front wheel of the bike that had came into contact with the car, Ben was thrown from his bike, travelling 26 metres, before landing on his head causing his death. The verdict was Accidental Death; there was no excessive speed, no excessive breaking, no mechanical faults. The driver of the car was not at fault.

Ben was a well known and highly respected part of the Triumph community, having spent three years as leader of the Riders' Association of Triumph (RAT), arranging outings for members; before moving to Windy Corner for a further three years. He had just started a new job as sales manager with the new Triumph dealership at Frog Island, Leicester, the previous week.

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