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Oyibo VFX
WinXele & Worldwide,

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Daytona 955i (02)

icon29 May 2002 06:38
On some other forum I've started a Bike CV. Just nice to see how people evolved to there Triumph. And for a start... here's mine;

Suzuki A50P (Stupid thing but never let me down)
Honda CB200
Honda CB400 Four Super Sport :grin:
Norton 750 Commando Combat 8)
Yamaha 250 Custom (mistake, sold after 100km) :sad:
Kawasaki Z900 1A (Nico Bakker Tune)
Norton 750 Commando Fastback 8)
BMW K100 :sad:
Kawasaki GPz900R :wink:
BMW K100RS :sad:
Norton Commando 920 (Super Machine) 8)
BMW R100RS :wink:
Triumph Daytona 955i 8)

Keep them posting, M0M0
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Chilly Chilterns,
United Kingdom

Site Moderator
Tiger Sport

icon29 May 2002 13:15
Puch Maxi 50 (great off roader)
Yamaha DT50
Kawasaki GPz305 (ate 3 engines)
Honda CBR600F
United Kingdom

Posts: 261
Sprint ST (02-04)

icon29 May 2002 13:18
Suzuki FS50
Honda CB100N (3 engines)
Honda CG125
Suzuki TS185ERN
Suzuki RG250 Mkii (Seized it twice)
Suzuki X7
Yamaha XJ600
Honda VFR750FK
Triumph Sprint ST
Steve Hedges
United Kingdom

Posts: 100

icon29 May 2002 13:55
Fantic Cabellero
Honda 250N Superdream
Honda CX500
Honda CB900F
Yamaha XJ550
Kawasaki GPz750
Kawasaki GPz600R
Kawasaki ZX6-R F3
Kawasaki ZX6-R J1
Nicky T
Thame, Oxfordshire,
United Kingdom

Posts: 449

icon29 May 2002 13:59
Mine is a little embarrassing...

Honda H100A (with obligatory Allspeed - ring-ding ding!)
Honda CB250N Superdream
Honda CB250N Superdream (I know - 2! What WAS I thinking?)
Honda CX500
Honda CX500 (Yeah, OK, well I WAS a despatch rider...)
Kawasaki GT550
Honda CBR1100XX-X Super Blackbird
Honda CBR1100XX-X Super Blackbird (nicked - RIP)
Triumph 1200 Daytona (the old man's - borrowed for 6 months)
Honda CX500 (sentimental reasons - couldn't pass it up for £80)
Triumph 955i

Now I see it all written down in front of me, I don't know whether to loaugh or cry. My unflinching homage to the transverse V-twin is alarming even to me.

Nicky T
Jeff Marcoux
New Hampshire,

Posts: 20
Sprint RS (00-01)

icon29 May 2002 14:01
1973 Honda CB350

1999 Suzuki DR650

2000 Kawasaki Concours (ZG 1000)

2001 Triumph Sprint RS

Rich Halford
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,313
Daytona T595

icon29 May 2002 14:08

Yamaha DT50
Honda MB5 (50cc)
Honda MT5 (50cc)
Suzuki GP100
Suzuki GP100
Yamaha TZR125
Kawasaki ZZR600
Triumph T595 (& FZR400 trackbike)
gary sutton
United Kingdom

Posts: 33
Daytona 955i (02)

icon29 May 2002 14:37
yamaha trx850 (1996 )

triumph speed triple ( 2000 )

triumph daytona ( 2002 )

oops, forgot my gilera runner 180sp ( 2001 )
Michael Ek
St. Paul Minnesota,

Posts: 62
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon29 May 2002 14:40
1985 Honda Interceptor 700
1996 Honda CBR f3
1998 fxd (harley-davidson) Stretched, raked, etc :sad:
1999 Daytona 955i (By far the most fun)
Mick Moralee

Posts: 239
Daytona T595

icon29 May 2002 15:35
Suzuki GT 185 in UK
Suzuki GT 185 in UK
Suzuki GT 55O in UK
Suzuki GS 850 in UK + OZ + Toured Europe
Honda XL 250 in OZ well had to ride something utill my 850 got over.
Suzuki RM 250Z in OZ
Suzuki Katana 1100 in OZ
Suzuki GSXR 1100L in OZ
Suzuki GSXR 1100WP in OZ
Triumph Daytona

4 x Black Katana engined speadway sidecars
deka (its gone but not forgotton)
United Kingdom

Posts: 478

icon29 May 2002 15:50
here goes
Yamaha fs1e Last seen 2 yrs ago at bike show after being restored. :grin:
Yamaha rd100
Yamaha rd200
Yahaha rd250lc
Harley Davisdon 350ss (another one being restored Neither by me)
Kawasaki z650
Kawasaki z750ltd
Triumph Boneville (should have been boneevile)
Motoguzzi le mans
Kawasaki gpz1100 (kids)
Kawasaki z650 (broke but I like them)
Honda 550 (broke again)
Susuki 400 gn (poor or what)
Kawasaki z750e (still broke)
Kawasaki zxr750 (money)
Laverda Jota (banned due to above, cheap insurance ;-) )
Triumph 900 (saw sence)
Triumph t595
Triumph 955 (short while)
Triumph t595 (well missed)
shanke's pony
My apologies to those I may have forgotton
Nicky T
Thame, Oxfordshire,
United Kingdom

Posts: 449

icon29 May 2002 15:52
Am I the only one here to have had a CX500?!
deka (its gone but not forgotton)
United Kingdom

Posts: 478

icon29 May 2002 15:54
Ashley Raines
United Kingdom

Posts: 6
Daytona T595

icon29 May 2002 17:07
Mmmm! Never Done this before!

Suzuki Bandit 400
Honda Fireblade
Kawasaki ZXR 400
Kawasaki ZX9R
Suzuki GSXR 750
Ducati 996
Triumph T595

Thats the total in 8 years riding, with (touch wood) 1 accident on the GSXR.

I must admit the Triumph is the smoothest and not sure if I'm getting old but now looks the best!
Paul T
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,407
Daytona T595

icon29 May 2002 17:45
OK, In order...

Triumph T140V US
Suzuki GT380
Yam RD250 DX
AJS 250 Stormer
Yam RD400E
Jawa350 ( It was a gift........ I gave it back ! )
Triumph Tiger 90
TR6 Triton
Suzuki GT750
Yam RD200
Triumph T110
Triumph T120
Montesa 348

And Currently.........

Suzuki GSX550
Yam RD350B ( Air Cooled )
Greeves Wessex (250)
Italjet Formula 125
Hodna NX650 Dominator
Ducati Engined FF Prototype
Six !!!!! MZ 250's ( Which I don't want to talk about )
Triumph T595
I would happily keep the 595 and burn the rest.................actually that's not a bad idea......
Lake Balboa,

Posts: 336
Daytona 955i (02CE, 03)

icon29 May 2002 18:13
91 GSXR750 (good beginners bike:grin:)
95 CBR600 F3
91 Ducati 851
91 GSXR 1100
97 Speed Triple
02 Daytona CE

Lost Angeles CA,

Posts: 114

icon29 May 2002 19:21
ok then

1970s Honda Enduro 125
1984 Honda Shadow 500
1986 Honda CMX 450
1966 Triumph T120R (Stolen)
2001 Triumph TT600 (Traded For Speed Triple)

1967 Triumph T120R
2001 Triumph Speed TRiple
Mark Willis
Milton Keynes,
United Kingdom

Posts: 45
Speed Triple 955i (02-04)

icon29 May 2002 19:21
great idea, a thread to make you grin

1981 yamaha fs1e dx(disc brake!)my 1st crash
1982 kawasaki ar80 my 1st tuned bike
1982 yamaha rd200 my 1st time in court!
1983 suzuki x7 my 1st 100mph
1983 kawasaki gpz750 a1 my 1st 4 stroke
1987 yamaha fzr1000 my 1st and only 170mph(speedo)
1988 kawasaki z1300 fi my 1st six
1989 yamaha fz750 my 1st damage repairable
1990 spondon gpz1100 my 1st special(beautiful)
1991 honda cb1100f my 1st import
1992 honda cbx1000 my 1st magazine photoshoot(nearly my 1st divorce when she saw the pictures of the model draped over it)
1998 suzuki tl1000s my 1st v-twin(blew the engine to bits, spent more time on the back wheel than both)
2000 honda 929 fireblade my 1st foreign track day bike
2002 triumph sp3 my 1st green bike!!
Mark Savage
United Kingdom


icon29 May 2002 20:29
1977 Honda CB250 G5 (TOTAL s!$%E!)
1978 Triumph Tiger 750
1979 Suzuki GS 750
1980 Triumph T160 Trident 750
1981 Yamaha XT 250 AS WELL AS TRIDENT
1987 sold
1988?? Yamaha SR 500
1990 Triumph Trophy 650 (MERIDEN)
1994 sold
1998 Triumph Trident (Hinckley)
1999 T509 S3
2000 955i S3
United Kingdom

Posts: 108,992

icon29 May 2002 21:53
Ho hum .... at the risk of being called Grand-dad .....

1963 - 'New Hudson' moped
1963 - James 150cc summat
1963 - BSA Bantam D3 - 150cc
1964 - Royal Enfield 'BULLET' 350cc ........ magic memories
1965 - Aeriel Arrow 250cc 2-stroke....the bollox
1966 - Aeriel 'Red Hunter' 700cc twin.... restoration project
1966 - Aeriel Square Four (1958 vintage).....failed project
1966 - BSA Gold Star DBD34 500cc, RRT2 g/box, sigh, where is it now ?
1967 - Matchless 650 Twin and sidecar .......... experiment ....
1967 - Triumph Bonneville .... kept till '72, then married - say no more.
1975 - Kawasaki Z1A...2 hinges in the frame .....
1976 - Kawasaki Z900 .... pile of wotsits, but fun
1977 - Triton project - wideline featherbed/T110 pre-unit // with Kwak
1978 - Kawasaki H1 - proddy-racer, occasional road use
1978 - Honda CB400/Four - mostly road, some proddy racing.
1979 - CB400/F 'Yoshimura'ed' to 460cc etc - nice road bike !
1980 - Sold Z900 and CB460F...time to quit maybe ?
1984 - Honda 1000cc V-4 - crap
1986 - Kawasaki KL650 single - beaut !
1989 - Triton.... not a build, but a great re-intro to biking.....
1991 - D-i-v-o-r-c-e...then long gap till .....
2002 - Triumph Speeeeeeed Triple - the dogs wotsits, wot a return !!!!!!!

Andrew Robson
United Kingdom

Posts: 24
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon29 May 2002 22:31

1983 FS1E (Crashed or dropped at least weekly - could do 65 down hill)
1984 Suzuki GT 125
1985 Suzuki X7, Yamaha 350 LC, Yamaha XT 125
1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 ( written off at great personal pain and expense)
1987 Suzuki GSXR 750 ( thought I'd have another shot - written off - this time fully comp)
1988 Suzuki GSXR 750 ( third time lucky )
1992 Yamaha power valve
2002 T595 ( swopping for 955 this week )
Phil Sunderland
United Kingdom

Posts: 6
Speed Triple T509

icon29 May 2002 23:45
1992 - Kawasaki EX500
1996 - Kawasaki ZZR600
2000 = Jialing JH125L (winter hack - dont laugh)
1997 - T509 Speed Triple (my baby)
1981 - Kawasaki KLX 250 (new winter hack)

whoops - entered bikes ages

1st bike August 2000
Paul T
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,407
Daytona T595

icon29 May 2002 23:57
Oh, I forgot the Royal Enfield GT250 Continental that's in the frint room....go figure. :grin:

Posts: 178
Daytona T595

icon30 May 2002 02:26
T 250 Suz
IT 250 Yam
X7 250 Suz
Z 650 Kaw (710 kit 900 carbs 4into1)
CB 900 Hon (1000cckit hrc cams ported 4into1)
RD 400Yam
XS 750
XLCH 1000 H D (Big valves ported 10.5:1 big carb )
And Currently
595 (Still modifing)
GSXR 750 (TURBO nearly)
yann tremblay

Posts: 109
Daytona 955i (02)

icon30 May 2002 02:41
Dirt Bikes:

Honda cr60
Honda xr100
Honda cr80
Bombardier Can-Am 175
Honda cr125
Yamaha yz125
Kawasaki kx250

Road Bikes:

2000 Suzuki sv650s
1997 Triumph t595
2002 Triumph 955i
cody spanier

Posts: 130
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon30 May 2002 02:59

It all started in 1978 at 5y/o.

suzuki jr50
suzuki rm80 (1980)
suzuki 100cc enduro (1982)
suzuki sp 125 (crap!,would die every 1-2 miles)
honda xl350r (my baby throughout high school 88-91)had to sell for tuition.sad
grad. college in 1996 and proceded into street bikes
1990 kawasaki zx750r (1996-98)
1998 honda vtr 1000 (98-2001,and admit to accasionally missing this user friendly for newbie sportbiker.wanted more
2000 triumph dayt.955i (found what more is!!!!!!!)
Scott Olt
Sonoma County, CA,

Posts: 16
Speed Triple 955i (99-01)

icon30 May 2002 06:34
Dag. Some of y'all have owned a LOT of bikes! Here's my puny list:

1972 (or 73, I forget) Honda SL70
1975 Yamaha YZ80
1975 Yamaha MX100 (POS blew up on me)
1981 Suzuki GS750 (R.I.P.)
{12 years of bikelessness}
2001 Speed Triple
MV Agusta in Paris..,

Posts: 3,718

icon30 May 2002 10:06
Oh well, being the "baby" of the crowd:

- 94' Aprilia RS 125 Extrema (fragile but f**** quick)
- 94' Yamaha 600 FZR-R (cats eyed like the 750 YZF)
- 98' T595
- 02' Aprilia RSV Mille (kept 4 months!)
- 01' 955i

..................................... Aprilia RS3 if it's ever gonna end up on the road!
Terry Paterson
United Kingdom

Posts: 314

icon30 May 2002 11:51
1999 (81) Kwak GT550 (First Bike - Threw a rod)
1999 (97) Bandit 600 (fun - traded against T509)
1999 (97) T509 Speed Triple (love at first sight - sold)
2000 (95) Yam DT125R (Winter Hack - stolen after 5 days)
2000 (81) Kwak Z440LTD (Winter Hack - sold)
2001 (98) T595/509 (Current Bike)
2001 (84) Kwak Z440LTD (Winter Hack - sold and bought ZL600)
2001 (84) Kwak ZL600 Eliminator (Winter Hack)

sorry - that was (98) T595/509 - and I guess I'm probably the baby now ? (25yo)
Andrew Coltman
United Kingdom

Posts: 2
Daytona T595

icon30 May 2002 14:44
Suzuki TS50ER
Honda MBX 125F (until Mr White Van man pulled out in front of me)
Yam DT125 LC (took my test on that one - passed despite getting slightly sideways during the emergency stop !!)
Yam RD350 YPVS
Kwak GPz 600R (p/ex for a tuned Yam 350 LC racebike)
Yam RD350 YPVS
Long absence due to lack of money.....
Triumph T595
Georgia, USA,

Posts: 690
Daytona T595

icon30 May 2002 22:16
Short list here too, but here goes.

1977Kawasaki KZ750
1988 Honda Shadow 800cc (just sold last month)
2000 Harley Davidson Deuce (still have)
1998 T595 Daytona (still have this one too)

There have been a few small dirt bikes before the street machines, but none worth mention!
The Big Stink

Posts: 130
Speed Triple 955i (99-01)

icon30 May 2002 22:28
You are what you have ridden.

I have been riding since 1968 from small beginings to my present Triumph. It has been a real journey of discovery.

1) Suzuki M12 50cc Red
2) Suzuki A100 100cc Red
3) Suzuki T-305 305cc Blue - 1st wheelie bike
4) 66' Norton Atlas 750cc - sounded and ran well then broke in short order
5) Bultaco Lobito 125cc - wanted dirt bike
6) 69' Kawasaki Samurai 250cc Blue - wanted street bike
7) 73' Yamaha RD250 Blue - ran like a stripped ass ape untill plugs fouled
8) 75' Suzuki T-500 Blue
9) 78' Suzuki GS-750E Burgandy - swapped the black tank and trim with standard 750
10) Sears 106cc - ridden in the dirt (1st Italian bike)
11)83' Honda CB1100F Blue - best and worst bike syndrome
12)86' Moto Guzzi LeMans 1000 Red(of course!) - Opened up another whole world of riding experience and sphere of life long friendships
13) 94' Triumph 900 Daytona (Canadian model) yellow - when going very fast or slow must remember a heavy bike
14) 01' Triumph Speed Triple Blue - I love this bike!
United Kingdom

Posts: 546

icon30 May 2002 22:39
Moto Minarelli 50
Honda CB250 G5
Suzuki GT250
Suzuki GT550
Kawasaki Z650 again.
Kawasaki Z1000
Speed Triple,(94-96 model)
Kawasaki ZRX 1100
Daytona T595
955 Speed Triple and ZXR400(ZXR has now been sold)
Pensacola, FL,

Posts: 113
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon31 May 2002 00:03
Wow! Some of you guys have had a s!$%-load of bikes. Feel kind of ashamed to list mine:

Honda CM250
Honda 440
Kawa GPZxR900
955i (current)


michael mcsteen
pitttsburgh, PA,

Posts: 63
Speed Triple 955i (99-01)

icon31 May 2002 00:10
Lance, I am with you. I have only been riding for 5 years and these are the bikes I have owned with only the 2001 Speed III remaining.

1993 Suzuki GS500E
1992 Yamaha Seca II
Obviously the Triumph was quite a jump, but completely worth it.
The Big Stink

Posts: 130
Speed Triple 955i (99-01)

icon31 May 2002 01:41
Arrival, be seeing you.

Scott,Lance & Michael, it's the destination in this case that's important and not that you guys took a short cut to get there. I was fortunate to have many miles of experience under my belt before my bikes got fairly fast. Good luck on your venture into the realm of motorcycles of character and good taste.
San Diego,

Posts: 298
Speed Triple 955i (99-01)

icon31 May 2002 01:41
Riding street 4 years...

1) 83 Kawi KZ750
2) 99 Speed Triple
3) who need another bike after a SP3?

I believe I am the baby at 23. Riding dirt since I could twist my wrist!
Some deals you just can't pass up.
Neil Fox
South West London,
United Kingdom

Posts: 489
Daytona T595

icon31 May 2002 02:20
I'll give it a go:

Yamaha FS1DX (restricted, sadly)
Yamaha RD200 Electric
Kawasaki KH250 (am I the only one to have owned one of these fantastic machines?)
Honda CJ360
Yamaha TY250
Yamaha XS400 (ghastly pile of poo with rubber frame)
Kawasaki KH250 (again. Got most of the first one back as spare parts)
Kawasaki KH400 (engine ran backwards, which was interesting)
Yamaha DT175

6 year gap while I learnt to earn money

Ducati M600 (too small and toooooo sloooooooow)
Triumph T595

Posts: 21
Bonneville T100 (02-08)

icon31 May 2002 07:01
Ok, heres mine

'79 BMW R25/3 (1953) sold to buy..
'86 Moto Guzzi 500 Monza sold to...
Very long gap, emigration, marriage, kids, divorce, then
'00 BMW R1100R (1996) part exed for...
'01 BMW R1100S (2001) Current
'02 Triumph Speed Triple (2000) Current
United Kingdom

Posts: 108,992

icon31 May 2002 08:42
Neil - KH triples

I had an H1 (500 triple) in 1977/78 - brown/yellow - thought the 250's looked good, but I had it mainly for proddy racing

Posts: 544
Daytona 675

icon31 May 2002 17:33
Riding since 10 years old

Streetbikes/Dirtbikes Race Bikes

1982 Honda MB-5 1985 Yamaha RZ350
1983 Suzuki RM-80 1972 Suzuki 500 Titan
1984 Honda 500 Interceptor 1972 Aermacci 250
1994 Ducati 750SS 1972 Yamaha TD-3 *
1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 1972 Yamaha TR-3 *
2002 Triumph Daytona* 1980 Harris Yamaha TZ350G*
1990/85 Yamaha TZ/RZ* 1993 Yamaha TZ250*

* still have these bikes
Obee Wan
Angles of the East,
United Kingdom

Speed Triple T309

icon31 May 2002 17:53
Suzuki GP100
900 SS
RD 200
Kawaski KRI-S
Daytona 955i

Still miss my KR1-S!

Posts: 95
Daytona T595

icon31 May 2002 17:58
1997 - Honda Magna V30
1998 - Triumph Sprint Sport
2001 - T595
Gareth Holt
United Kingdom

Posts: 80

icon31 May 2002 17:59
In for a penny

Started at 16

1976 Yamaha FS1E (acquired 1978)
1978 Yamaha RD200 DX (1979)
1979 Kawasaki Z250 (1981)
1984 Honda CBX550 F2 (1985)
1989 Kawasaki GPX750 (1990)
1992 Kawasaki ZZR600 (1992)
1995 Ducati 900SS (1995 - still got this one)
2002 Daytona 955i (2001)

Dates approximate !

Phil Jeglosky
Mpls., MN,

Posts: 185
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon03 Jun 2002 04:58
How's this?

Kawasaki KX80
Sold, moved.
Suzuki GZ250
'01 Daytona (ahhh Caspian Blue)
'01 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit (I love this bike too!)

Was out of motorcycling before I really got into it, since 2000 I can't stay off the damn things! :grin:
Mr Orange
United Kingdom

Posts: 165
Speed Triple T509

icon03 Jun 2002 13:16
Right then

Started riding at age 10.

Various things inc a Mobelette moped
Stripped down Vespa (for of road use)
Yam FS1E
Gilera moped
Another FS1E
Z 250 Scorpion (first new bike)
Z 550
Gpz 750 unitrack
GS1000 S
XL 250
GPz 1100 B2 (still own)
United Kingdom

Posts: 54,527
Speed Triple 1050

icon03 Jun 2002 16:28
started 1976
Honda S50, Honda CG125, Yamaha YR5, Honda CB400/4, Kawasaki Z650, Honda CB550/4, Honda CBR600, Ducati 600SS, Ducati 750SS, finally saw the light last year, Sprint RS.
Stew Haigh
South Yorkshire,
United Kingdom

Posts: 11
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon03 Jun 2002 16:38
Honda CD175 (head to head with a truck-I broke his indicator though!!)
Lambretta GP150 (furry backrest, whip ariels, mirrors, chrome everything, parka's...thought I was the dog's whats its)
Honda 400 superdream (bit of a 'mare really)
Honda CX500 (more of a 'mare)
Honda NTV600 (turned it into a loft conversion)
Yamaha FJ1200 (great tourer but ate its electrics when I ignored it)
Honda VTR1000 (good bike crap fuel tank)
Daytona 955i.

that's ya lot!!

Stew Haigh
Joseph Bua
phoenix, az,

Posts: 94
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon05 Jun 2002 09:37
i might be youngest

00-HD FXSTB (Night Train)
99-Duc. 748
01-Malaguti 50cc Fogarty replica (It was too cool to pass up)

Maybe it's youthful stupidity (I'm 24) or just a passion for two wheels, but I can't bring myself to sell any of 'em. I'd like to put more miles on the Triumph, but the damn thing won't stay running for more than two months at a time :sad:
Mr Bryn
Redland Bay, nr Bris,

Posts: 805

icon05 Jun 2002 10:36
Not many either, but here goes.

1968 - sat in my Uncles Suzuki powered racing sidecar - know it wasn't MY bike bike but it's where it started.

1973 -Yam FS1E - broke 3 toes after a crash whilst towing my 2 mates cycles with a bungee cord

1974 - Scott framed traillie with a JAP (the British JAP) 185cc thumper unit - found in River Taff, 'restored' with mate, ran s!$%e for 4 months before putting it back in River Taff.

1978 - Honda cg125

1978 - Honda Soggy Dream 250 - a sponge on wheels but did 35K in 20 months.

1982 - This is the sad bit! At this point was thinking of buying a car when a CX500 came towards me by Beaulieu. WOW! looks and noise - inspirational! One of lifes defining moments involved a CX500 - how many can say that! Kept for 10 years and shed a tear when it went.

1992 - CBR1000 - bland and heavy but useful

2000 - Daytona (and hopefully the new 1300!!)

The future? - Daytona for sure

Lucky for me, I spent 16 years travelling the globe with my job and on every continent (inc the bottom one), and in most of the 5o countries I've visited I have blagged or hired a bike.

Like a lot of people on this site and others, it doesn't matter how many bikes or what ones, the damned things have ruled my life for decades, kept me youthful (!), made me into an anorak and been involved in every thing I've ever done, met, been etc.
Hooray for that.
Ride safe!
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