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j p

Adventurer (99-01)

icon01 Feb 2019 16:21
What do you lot think of pages like etc for people to get capital to start up a business ? You give like $10-$100 and in return you might get a cup of coffee or a meal depending on the type of business that is being opened .... maybe a motorcycle repair shop you get a diagnostic check etc etc etc ! To me it seems wrong .. starting a business with no risk of losing your own capital! Obviously no solid business finance plan just give me give me give generation with their hand out looking for an easy way ....
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United Kingdom

Posts: 807

icon01 Feb 2019 16:56
I'd like to see some data showing the successes versus the failures.
red baron
n\w london,
United Kingdom

Posts: 17,056
Daytona T595

icon01 Feb 2019 17:25
Just another form of charitable donation from my experience :lol:
United Kingdom

Posts: 807

icon01 Feb 2019 17:40
Maesteg, South Wales,
United Kingdom

Posts: 425
Daytona 675

icon01 Feb 2019 18:13
It can work though. Plenty of evidence out there. Hexo+ did exactly thiswith their drones and offered people a discounted drone with different options for a bigger pot of cash. That was Kickstarter too IIRC.

Yeah, just checked, $1.3m from 2000 contributors!30

Horror stories abound though from their website with folk waiting over a year for their batteries!
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