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United Kingdom

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icon16 Jan 2019 16:07
I have just returned from a week skiing, there were 16 people in our group and one character, in particular, was an utter complete knob. He was so inconsiderate, arrogant, slow, and yet had the opinion he was in some way the cat's whiskers.
Anyhow, on one of the days our skiing instructor in one of the mountain top cafes jokingly said they would ski down and leave the group to find their own way.
This knob then turned to the group and said, 'Don't worry, I'll get you down".

To which someone said "You already do":lol::lol::thumbup:
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onlineThat bloke Nick
Birley edge,
United Kingdom

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Daytona 675 SE

icon16 Jan 2019 16:42
You went skiing with Strat???!30

Katies Grandad
Snot on the Ouse,
United Kingdom

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icon16 Jan 2019 17:09
There's always one.
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