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j p

Adventurer (99-01)

icon17 May 2018 23:03
Ceramic coating ..says it last for two years ...
Mud and dirt slide right off....
I think if it does work it will keep bikes that are used year round looking good:thumbup:
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Birley Edge,
United Kingdom

Posts: 20,825
TT600 (00-01)

icon18 May 2018 06:36
My car was coated in it when I bought it.

It's a load of bollocks.
United Kingdom

Posts: 298
Daytona 955i (04-06)

icon18 May 2018 07:42
Dunno, Skeptical
Tuesday so must be,

Posts: 7,714
Speed Triple 955i (02-04)

icon18 May 2018 08:17
Motto- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
North West,
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,877
Thruxton (09->)

icon18 May 2018 13:19
I have a simile thing on my car (before I bought it). Still have to wash it but dirt doesnt stick so much. Time will tell.
Gtr Manchester,
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,623
Sprint ST (05->)

icon18 May 2018 18:46
Molecular level polish and it fills in the gaps in your paintwork leaving a smoother surface so the dirt has nothing it can grip at that microscopic level. Once your car's treated it bonds with the paint just requiring a simple top up once every 12 months with this bottle of stuff you just add to your bucket when washing the car. Really shows when people bring the cars back in and we end up offereing them more oin part ex.

Amazing how you never forget the bulls!$% you've been ordered to quote when you've delivered it for 18 months to hundreds of people :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Just dont get me started on how good the stuff is on the inside if you have kids, pets or ever eat in your car. :blush::blush::blush:
East Midlands,
United Kingdom

Posts: 550

icon19 May 2018 00:46
Is it the same as diamond brite, my lad bought a new car from the local Vauxhall dealer and it was treated with the diamond stuff, he had it 3 years and only washed it occasionally but it always come up like new, always thought it was to good to be true but was impressed with the results when clean:thumbup:
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