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West SX / London,
United Kingdom

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icon12 May 2018 10:31
I just read about this in the news yesterday which was a bit of a coincidence as I had received a PPI call during that afternoon that I had thought was some sort of software doing the talking.
It was a woman's voice saying the usual, "I understand you were involved in an accident in the last 3 years that wasn't your fault, etc....". I was driving along in the van so had plenty of time to play with them on the phone. 04 I like to throw in plenty of, "Pardons?" and make them repeat the speech over and over before moving on to more tactics.03 Anyway, the way this call went, along with numerous pregnant pauses just felt like it was a computer struggling to make sense of the conversation before it eventually hung up. KK 1 - AI 0 03
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The Aquaduct?,
United Kingdom

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Tiger Explorer

icon12 May 2018 11:29
I had a scooter on the phone saying I had called about an accident "from this number" and he knew my name.
Strange how I don't remember it.
I did much the same thing as I couldn't understand him and as I was on the way home it passed the time on the motorway for a few minutes.

They do get confused when you tell them to f!$% off though.
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