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United Kingdom

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Sprint ST (05->)

icon27 Apr 2018 18:42

This waste of oxygen will be able to apply for payrole in four and a half years. The parents of these boys have been given a life sentance by this moron.
Based on three score years and ten, my logic says he should have got at least 132years. That is the number of years he has deprived the children of.:angry::angry::angry:
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North West,
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,877
Thruxton (09->)

icon27 Apr 2018 18:50
Jeez, I know everyone has a right to be ugly but those two are abusing the privilege.

Mind you it proves what I've always said, beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way through.
Nice n Fat
Wilts, Berks & Hants,
United Kingdom

Bonneville (01-08)

icon27 Apr 2018 19:10
That's not justice :thumbdown:
United Kingdom

Posts: 3,757
Daytona T595

icon27 Apr 2018 19:54
Somebody with that many motoring convictions should have been banned for life. He will get out and immediately drive illegally. I would bet money on it. There is not point ever giving licences back to scum who will never give a s!$% about anything.

Having said that, the c**t should have been given a much longer custodial.
SE Wales,
United Kingdom

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America (02->)

icon27 Apr 2018 21:34
I know it has been said before but I don't care.

They went out with a loaded gun and used it, it does not matter how, why or what that killed two little boys. Those boys could have been any two people the result is the same.
Just because it is a car should make no difference. Their history show how little consideration they have for others.
That jail time should be double with no early parole release.:angry:
from the"mud people",
United Kingdom

Posts: 3,515
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon27 Apr 2018 21:43
Jail time? The pair should have a vice clamped to their necks and slowly turned just to the brink of death, then released and done again, over and over and over, then make one watch the other as they hear their neck break, then end them.
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