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Swine Town,
United Kingdom

Posts: 2,681
Tiger Explorer

icon13 Apr 2018 07:48
Anyone in the area want to pay them a visit?

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The Shades, Ongar,,
United Kingdom

Site Moderator
Posts: 58,177
Thunderbird Sport (98-00)

icon13 Apr 2018 08:06
Utter c!$%s:angry:
Nice n Fat
Wilts, Berks & Hants,
United Kingdom

Bonneville (01-08)

icon13 Apr 2018 08:16
Pass me the pliers
Upper Bucklebury,
United Kingdom

Posts: 2,270
Tiger (07->)

icon13 Apr 2018 09:33
it baffles me why someone who has no apparent empathy with animals would get one in the first place.

and £1'450 fine was joke in my mind.
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,686
Sprint ST (05->)

icon13 Apr 2018 10:35
Utter c!$%s:angry:

United Kingdom

Posts: 298
Daytona 955i (04-06)

icon13 Apr 2018 10:48
Unfortunately you couldn't say that was the tip of the iceberg. Pal of mine who is an inspector for the SSPCA up here says he has more work than ever and is having difficulty with maintaining his case load. However, it's even worse where you lot are. Government funding has been cut for the RSPCA and many more examples like this are not being prosecuted.

Unlike these two most of us are decent human beings and report c!$%s like these. But with less funding the council dog wardens and animal welfare charities are taking longer to respond and therefore the poor animals suffering is prolonged.

We need a kind of community vigilante group to monitor our communities with one of the group nominated to carry a baseball bat :angry:
United Kingdom

Posts: 54,526
Speed Triple 1050

icon13 Apr 2018 10:54
Birley Edge,
United Kingdom

Posts: 20,825
TT600 (00-01)

icon13 Apr 2018 13:48
I'm not a dog lover............but that is bang out of order!:thumbdown:
United Kingdom

Posts: 108,921

icon13 Apr 2018 14:06
the worst I've seen was last week when some scrote published a pic showing two knuckle-draggers holding the amputated ears of a Labrador up in a display of achievement, whilst the poor f!$%ing dog cowered at their feet ..

God, I'd like to meet the f!$%ers and beat them to a bleeding pulp, before removing their genitalia and sticking the gory mess down each others throats ...

John Nelson
United Kingdom

Posts: 3,209

icon13 Apr 2018 14:09
Absolutely no sympathy for either of them but we don't have the full story here surely?
The wife was seen injuring the dog but the husband is the one put on a tag.
I wonder what the rest of the story is because what we have here doesn't stack up at all.
United Kingdom

Posts: 108,921

icon13 Apr 2018 14:35
The wife was jailed for 18 weeks - presumably cos she was the one videoed .... cant comment on why the husband was only tagged & not also jailed as well as fined ....

In my book, cruelty like this desrves harsh punishment, to r e a l l y fit the crime... sadly in this age of bleeding heart lawmakers it wont happen.
Obee Wan
Angles of the East,
United Kingdom

Speed Triple T309

icon13 Apr 2018 16:38
I'd happily apply the pliers to both of the vile c!$%s.:angry:
Gtr Manchester,
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,621
Sprint ST (05->)

icon13 Apr 2018 21:15
Unashamed dog lover here.

Despite the issues 2 out of 3 have caused over the years I've never once thought of doing that to either. In the case of the third I couldn't have picked him up anyway.

The only suitable punishment would be to drop the owners from the equivalent height relatively speaking. If the dog was a foot tall and dropped from 6 feet then stick the owner on his back 36 feet in the air and see how he fancies the drop just the once never mind repeatedly. 30 foot if the owner's a 5 foot shorty obviously they still wont like it but maybe they would finally understand.

Dover, Kent,
United Kingdom

Posts: 3,142
Daytona T595

icon13 Apr 2018 23:12
Just f!$%ing gas the pair of them and do us all a favour. :angry:
j p

Adventurer (99-01)

icon16 Apr 2018 13:04
Shoot em in da face
Toxteth O'Grady
Washington DC,

Posts: 4,282
Sprint ST (02-04)

icon16 Apr 2018 14:18
As soon as I read the headline, I was not going to click. Terrible. Losers in life, fail at everything and take it out on the defenseless.

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