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Swine Town,
United Kingdom

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icon01 Apr 2018 16:06
Government to Issue Pothole Repair Kits to Motorists
We all know potholes are a problem. Currently, you need to report them to your local council in the hope that they get repaired. But all that is about to change. Oh boy, is it about to change.

The Department for Transport brought empty bus lanes to some of the world’s most-congested cities. They followed that up with motorways so smart that there’s nowhere to stop in an emergency without creating a new one. Now we have another sparkling gem.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling this week announced a round of consultations aimed at getting motorists – that’s you, by the way – to repair potholes in the road on a DIY basis.

Yes, an all-party parliamentary sub-committee headed up by Highways England supremo Jo Johnson is set to rush through what must surely be the dumbest idea since the pet rock.

There’s little doubt potholes are a major issue on UK roads. Some are visible from space; some could account for the absence of Shergar and Lord Lucan.

Potholes became a hot topic in 2012, when the UK endured its second-wettest year on record. Even the rain got rained on. Rising groundwater weakened roads from beneath. Above the surface, tyres forced water into cracks, compressing and breaking the surface.

The potholes that resulted have shredded tyres and cracked wheels. In a recent survey by the AA, 39% of its members said that potholes had damaged their vehicles. Many claimed a wheel, the tyre and the tracking were all affected. Hardest hit was Scotland, followed by Yorkshire and Humberside.

The Asphalt Industry Alliance – a fine body of men – provides road maintenance services to local authorities. The AIA blames the state of the nation’s roads on poor weather, increased traffic and ‘decades of underfunding’.

In the 2016 Budget, a £250 million ‘pothole action fund’ was announced, with local councils getting £50m each year until 2021 to repair over four million potholes. But now it seems that that cash has already been spent – three years ahead of time.

The Government claims that a pothole repair costs £53. So, Mr Johnson’s Department for Transport Road-Surfacing Consultative Sub-Committee reckons it makes financial sense for us all to carry a pot of Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair in the boots of our cars.

Government to Issue Pothole Repair Kits to Motorists Image 0

A 25kg bucket of this instantly trafficable stuff – enough for a dozen or so small potholes – costs just £21.59. Barely more than a KFC family bucket. And better for your arteries.

When you see a crater in the road, you simply pull up, whip out your Ultracrete, put down a layer of tack coat, fill your hole with the fine-grained tarmac, tamp it down and off you go to your next assignment. U-Can is another Macadam-based product on the approved list.

Apart from the fact that the Government is clearly taking, er, liberties here, this is a health-and-safety hellhole. It’s riskier than tickling a hungry leopard.

But hey – keep your receipts, because you’ll be able to claim back the cost from your local council. As a further inducement, you’ll also be entitled to a year’s free road-fund licence.

I can hear you all right now saying, “Free road tax, you say? Let me at ‘em!”
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The Shades, Ongar,,
United Kingdom

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icon01 Apr 2018 16:25
April 1 st anybody...?
West SX / London,
United Kingdom

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icon01 Apr 2018 16:31
Around here when the pothole gets too big we chuck a car in to fill it.:thumbup:

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Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon01 Apr 2018 16:46
Around here when the pothole gets too big we chuck a car in to fill it.:thumbup:

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