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Hunts & Crawley,
United Kingdom

Posts: 57,213
Street Triple

icon26 Mar 2018 15:28
The old Audi advert "Vorsprung durch Tecknik"

Got a new twist the other day I see: Durch (through) Sprung (jump) durch Tecknik....

Sorry for the family though...
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Birley Edge,
United Kingdom

Posts: 20,825
TT600 (00-01)

icon26 Mar 2018 15:53
Audi RS......J!
Mustapha Dump
South East,
United Kingdom

Posts: 6,619

icon26 Mar 2018 16:32
Have you seen the current ad where they reckon that Audi SUV is constantly making calculations as you drive ...WALOB 46:lol:
Maesteg, Mid Glam,
United Kingdom

Posts: 15,350
Daytona 675

icon26 Mar 2018 21:29
Happened last year near me, a 21 year old driving daddies new focus st flat out while being egged on by 3 mates along a half mile straight which ends at a T junction in the following pic. His mates posted the video on bookface the next day.



That was around 1am. Owners though something had exploded.
North West,
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,877
Thruxton (09->)

icon26 Mar 2018 21:45
Had a similar one near where I lived about 20 odd years ago, August Bank holiday some scrote has a fall out with his bird after a skinfull of beer, decides he wants to kill himself so rags his Focus something-or-other down the road with a house at the end, hits the curb, car takes off, clears the front lawn, straight through the lounge window, through the room and out through the patio doors at the rear. Fortunately the ocupants had gone to bed just a few minutes earlier. Scrote didn't even manage to kill himself!
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