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West SX / London,
United Kingdom

Posts: 41,576

icon23 Feb 2018 23:19

30 03
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Maesteg, Mid Glam,
United Kingdom

Posts: 15,350
Daytona 675

icon23 Feb 2018 23:39
Nice n Fat
Wilts, Berks & Hants,
United Kingdom

Bonneville (01-08)

icon24 Feb 2018 08:00
There must have been a lot of Vodka involved in that :lol:
Birley Edge,
United Kingdom

Posts: 20,825
TT600 (00-01)

icon24 Feb 2018 10:10
When we were teenagers, a mate of mine fell off of a first floor balcony (he was incredibly pissed) and landed on his brothers MGB GT. It made a right f!$%ing mess of it.:lol:

As an aside: I hadn't seen the guy since I moved away from Devon in 1983..........until I turned up at a customers premises in Bristol about three weeks ago Their service team leader is Alistair...the swallow-diving piss-artist!
andy d
United Kingdom

Posts: 2,229
Tiger Explorer XC

icon24 Feb 2018 11:33
Top effort :lol:
Andy Holmes
United Kingdom

Posts: 3,303
Speed Triple 1050

icon24 Feb 2018 13:10
Anyone notice that the back window came out in 1 piece?
Must have been a proper s!$% car
In my shed somewhere,
United Kingdom

Bonneville T100 (02-08)

icon25 Feb 2018 21:50
No 1 son fell through a barrier on a second floor balcony of a property we were working on..... he had just fitted the handrail and was leaning back on it while on his phone!..... fractured skull and blood all over the newly fitted oak floor!.... I was livid!

No 1son was fine (ish) but the floor took some cleaning
Katies Grandad
Snot on the Ouse,
United Kingdom

Posts: 2,118
Speed Triple 1050

icon27 Feb 2018 14:39
I hope you docked his wages.
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