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Ted Hessler
New Jersey,

Posts: 3
Speed Triple 955i (99-01)

icon31 Dec 2001 14:20
I had a problem with the check engine light coming on when installing a Power Commander III on my 2000 Speed Triple.

You must be very patient during the installation and follow the installation warnings closely and WAIT before turning on and off the ignition.

By the way, I figured out a way to clear the Triumph engine warning light without taking it to a dealer.....It is simple but requires some patience. It requires the motorcycle to go through several cold start/warmup/cooldown cycles (mine took 5 or 6). If there is nothing wrong, the alarm will clear by itself.

Do this in order:

1) start from cold
2) warmup until temp guage is in normal range
3) shutoff & cooldown completely

repeat above 5 or six times

For impatient people like me, you can build a "wizard switch". The advantage is that you save time and you can repeat your mistakes, followed by switched resets. The ECM alarms get reset after faking several cold start/warmups. Do the following:

1) Remove the connector for the water temperature sensor.
2) The resistance of the sensor when cold is about 4000 ohms
3) The resistance when hot is 400 to 750 ohms (not critical, I used 440 ohms)
4) Attach the 4000 ohm resistor ends to two tiny alligator clips.
5) Attach the 440 ohm resistor to one of the same 2 alligator clips and the other end to a small toggle switch. Attach a wire between
the other contact of the toggle switch and the opposite alligator clip.
6) Test that the resistance is 4000 ohms at one switch position and 440 (or thereabouts) at the other position.

Now for the fix.

7) Attach the alligator clips to the contacts on the plug of the wiring harness that was removed in 1) above

8) Set the toggle switch in 4000 ohm position (cold)
9) Start the bike
10) Switch the toggle switch to 440 ohm position and watch the water temp meter rise
11) Wait a couple of seconds and then turn key off.

Repeat 8 thru 11 several times (usually 5 or 6 times)

The engine warning light will go out and stay out.

NOTE: The ECM is fairly smart - if you want to see the error codes with the dealer, they will stay in the memory until cleared by the dealers handheld diagnostic tool.

I hope this can be helpful to anyone else like me who hates to load his bike on the trailer in 10 degree December weather to go
to a dealer whose mechanic can only work with a hammer and pipe wrench. ECM - whazzat?

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Chilly Chilterns,
United Kingdom

Site Moderator
Tiger Sport

icon01 Jan 2002 06:53
I would highly recommend that you get Wayne's TuneBoy cable Ted...
Ted Hessler
New Jersey,

Posts: 3
Speed Triple 955i (99-01)

icon01 Jan 2002 07:16
Poor timing

Poor timing as it is.

I joined the t595net AFTER buying the Powercommander.

Had I known about Wayne's stuff, I would have bought the works prior to the Power Commander

As it is now, I intend to buy after the fact.


Ted Hessler

Posts: 5

icon03 Dec 2009 10:44
tuneboys are the go definitely
North Lincs,
United Kingdom

Posts: 25,204

icon03 Dec 2009 10:58
Jimmy, did you notice the date of the origional posts....:tongueout:
United Kingdom

Posts: 673
Daytona 955i (04-06)

icon04 Dec 2009 01:36
He is on the other side of the world... In another time zone ! 27
West SX / London,
United Kingdom

Posts: 41,576

icon04 Dec 2009 10:59
Maybe he's using Dial up.
cm moto
new jersey,

Posts: 1
Speed Triple 1050

icon15 Apr 2016 20:17
I was fixing my blinkers changed some fuses and battery went flat ...charged it with battery tender and when it was charged CEL was on ...

I did 3 heat cycles on my bike then I went to a 81 mile ride and the light still on
United Kingdom

Posts: 6,004
Sprint RS (00-01)

icon16 Apr 2016 05:10
Cm motorcycle take a look in efi section, look for tune ecu, it'sa free program (identical to the main dealers diagnostics system "dealer tool") all you need to but is a vag cable, have a read

Didn't you do the hot /cold cycles fully?
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