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United Kingdom

Posts: 6
Sprint RS (00-01)

icon03 Aug 2001 06:19
Can any one help with avery stiff gearbox after 3000 miles
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MV Agusta in Paris..,

Posts: 3,718

icon03 Aug 2001 07:59
have u checked the clutch lever free play?
Andrew M

Posts: 117
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon03 Aug 2001 08:25
I just got back my machine from the shop after a tune-up and after investigating my complaint of a stiff gear box and poor clutch feel, they found the spring seated above the clutch cover and below the clutch cable end attached to the metal thing which actuates the clutch was broken.. It was replaced under warranty and the bike shifts and the clutch works nicely.
United Kingdom

Posts: 6
Sprint RS (00-01)

icon03 Aug 2001 08:33
Gear Box

The Clutch is adjusted properly.but the gear box is still very stiff and Neutral cannt be obtained from Firstgear when stoopped
Julian S
Dallas Texas,

Posts: 315
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon03 Aug 2001 10:50
It really sounds like your clutch lever adjustment.
Windsor, UK ,
United Kingdom

Posts: 2
Sprint ST (05->)

icon28 Mar 2017 09:56
Hi guys, Same issue as above. Bought 05 ST a few weeks ago.I checked the oil level, it was too high so I have now adjusted it. Got rid of the excess with the help of a soap dispenser.
Anyway I road this morning and same issue, after 10 mins of ride changing from 1st to 2nd was a nightmare and the bike kept on going to the neutral. After I got to work again I could not get it to go from 2nd to 1st or neutral and I left the bike at 2nd gear.
I bought this bike privately and engine wise it sounds super smooth. I am going to change oil and filter anyway and also attempt to try and adjust the cable. Will do cable adjustment tonight and let you know.
Please anything else which could be causing it.
By the way this morning when I drained some of the oil, I was in a rush so will check again to see if the level is spot on.
I was really looking forward to this bike so slightly disappointed.
Just for the note I jumped straight from a YZF125 to Sprint 1050 :grin:
Did you even find the issue?
Terry Colley

Posts: 1,267
Daytona 955i (04-06)

icon28 Mar 2017 23:25
LOL, you're asking for the OP to respond to a question on a thread posted 16 years ago!
Nick S
Coffs Harbour,

Bonneville T100 (09->)

icon29 Mar 2017 08:06
I didn't want to burst the bubble Terry:lol:

Plus the op hasn't been back for nearly sixteen years!
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