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Grand Pa
The seaside,
United Kingdom

Group Moderator
Posts: 15,533
Sprint ST (02-04)

icon21 Jun 2012 21:34
just checked on metcheck & it don't look too bad :smile:

So we might be on MoMo bikes :thumbup::thumbup:
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Gtr Manchester,
United Kingdom

Posts: 1,643
Sprint ST (05->)

icon21 Jun 2012 21:56
Met Office forecast looks crap for Friday and showers for Sunday.

Gonna make my call tomorrow but unless its dangerous think I'll go with bike and claim to be "hardcore" lol. After 16 years I've got the kit but packing my vented jacket may be too optimistic :lol:
United Kingdom

Posts: 7,321
Tiger Sport

icon21 Jun 2012 23:02
Pa - we can but hope! :thumbup:

WeatherPro & BBC weather not looking good tho! :sad:
Hunts & Crawley,
United Kingdom

Posts: 57,302
Street Triple

icon22 Jun 2012 06:40
Well aunty beeb reckons it's raining currently in Huntingdon, whereas it is actually dry. So much for their ability to forecast the weather...
Dream world.,
United Kingdom

Posts: 14,726
Speed Triple 1050

icon22 Jun 2012 10:18
we wont get wet in mals mobility van.:thumbup:
Oakworth West Yorks,
United Kingdom

Posts: 5,616
Trophy 1200 (97-03)

icon22 Jun 2012 19:12
Hope the wind drops ?, the rain I can handle, just, still it'll give me a chance to find out if some of the new kit I've bought over winter will keep me dry :smile: or not :cry:
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