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United Kingdom

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Sprint RS (00-01)

icon05 Dec 2011 20:21
not so much a tip or trick but having just had the pleasure of taking slack out of a sprint sssa linkage I would reccomend now winter is upon us that the rear shock linkage is stripped and greased.
factory fitting only used minimal grease due to h&s / accident hazzard so there isnt much there. I rang a few breakers looking for the pin but they told me they sell with the swing arm as most seize in and cant be stripped.
Hence out came the angle grinder.
I would also advise caged roller bearings as they allow more grease to be packed in on reassembly than the factory close ones. also well made ones like Torrington are cheaper than factory .
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west mids,
United Kingdom

Posts: 64
Daytona T595

icon07 Dec 2011 20:41
hi chaz I have a spare pin (long story)if you still need one let me know.
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