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Bouncy Pete
United Kingdom

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Speed Triple 955i (02-04)

12 Feb 2019 18:37
I totally agree that it's important that technology doesn't cause accidents to any road user, especially the vulnerable road users.

The trouble is, I can't see the problem. In the original video the Tesla drives straight and true and at no point does it impede the motorcycle, nor is it likely to, detected or otherwise. I've not seen anything that has suggested the Tesla is a threat to the bikes. The only danger to the bikes is the near stationary cars they are passing at 70 MPH.

As I've already said, autonomous cars don't keep swapping lanes just because one lane is moving faster than the other. Humans do and they are the danger to motorcycles.

Personally I think the car actually does detect the bike but doesn't display everything it sees. Otherwise it would be an unnerving distraction thus it generally only displays potential threats and is re-assuring the driver it's seen them.

A while ago there was a BBC news article that had a video made at the Thatcham research center. The video showed a Tesla crashing into a tent that was supposed to represent a broken down van. the Tesla was following a car which swerved around the tent but the Tesla drove into the tent. I have two issues with that video.

1 - Most humans would have had the same crash.
2 - A tent doesn't have the same radar reflection a a solid object so obviously it's not going to reproduce the correct response. Seriously, would you want a full blown emergency stop if a Tesco's carrier bag blows in front of your car?
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Next PostPrevious PostSocial Posts > The Hinckley Arms > Can self driving cars see bikes?
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