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Bonneville (01-08)

12 Feb 2019 17:39
Could be any of those scenarios, but personally I feel there will be a deal achieved by the EU giving ground at the last. I say this as despite all the though talk from the EU negotiators and odd heads of state, Germany has been fairly quite on this. It has now been reported that Germany wants a deal and have made this clear to the Barnier and Tusk.

As anyone who has watched the the series 'Inside Europe 10 years of turmoil' will know that what Germany wants Germany gets and when issues have come to the wire it has always been Germany that has forced an issue and pushed it over the line.

There may well be , but why would the EU give ground when they know the bickering in UK parliament gives them the higher ground .

I despise May with a vengeance, politicians generally and parliament as a whole.

I find it hard to blame TM wholly for the mess , Cameron ran like a Masai warrior , Boris capitulated at the first hurdle , it was poison chalice from the start . I also find it hard to understand why you would put a known remainer in charge , although TM hasn't once stated she would be willing to stay in the Single market/Custom Union and therefore no trade deals being allowed by the UK , whereas Corbyn (a known eurosceptic ) is quite willing to tie us up in a deal which on the face of it would be worse than staying :speechless: .
I lost a bit of respect with Farage as well after the referendum , I know he couldn't influence Brexit directly but to just walk away from a party with 4m voters and some influence , when we have only reached first base , was a big faux pas in my opinion .
It's a monumental f!$% up to say the least , all caused by not accepting the referendum result
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Next PostPrevious PostSocial Posts > The Hinckley Arms > Brexit, it wont go away....
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