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Eastern Angles,
United Kingdom

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Daytona Super III

12 Feb 2019 14:07
That bloke Nick:
I can see us staying in.

I distrust most politicians, but May more than most.

She epitomises the type of person that has risen to the forefront in this country of late; both in politics and in business; a curious mix of incompetence, arrogance, an inability to take responsibility and a total lack of shame.


A list should be made up of every politician who has weakened our bargaining power with the EU along with all the rest that seem to think it’s acceptable to agree to anything that compromises the benefits of a clean break.
If there’s a soft exit or remaining the whole situation is not only going to be a bad situation, but us Leavers will probably get the blame for a situation we don’t want either.
I bet if they went to the wire and left with no deal, the EU and U.K. would soon sort out a trading agreement once the business on both sides of the channel realised how stupid the present situation was


There's a deal already for almost all every possible issue under WTO, including Canada+++ FTA. PM and politicians are deliberately obfuscating and have been all along.:angry:
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Next PostPrevious PostSocial Posts > The Hinckley Arms > Brexit, it wont go away....
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