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12 Feb 2019 10:03
Bouncy Pete:
and can miss the bike completely if traveling at speed.

Sorry to sound like I'm supporting the car but If you mean the bike is travelling at speed then surely that's the fault of the bike, not the car.

If you mean the car is travelling at speed then the bike should no longer be filtering, again surely that's the fault of the bike, not the car.

In that video it seems to detect a potential accident better than a human. Watch at 0:33 you can hear it's warning tone detecting the slowing car in front of the car it's actually travelling behind. It's also worth watching at 2:53

Personally I think this technology will have the same reception as flying gets. Millions of safe flights but one accident and it makes front pager news. Despite millions and millions of miles travelled safely there will always be someone who tells you very loudly that they are unsafe.

In 2017 1,793 people died on the Uk's roads and 170,993 were injured. As far as I'm concerned the sooner we take away human error the sooner those figures will fall.

I'm certainly no Luddite and agree that most advances in technology lead to great improvements. The overall system seems good but we are looking at specifically at its ability to see and detect motorcycles.

There is no point in replacing the flawed human response of seeing a bike by a computer that also makes the same mistakes and that is why it is important that motorcyclist don't get overlooked in this before it is rolled out.

You point out that the bikes in the clip should not have been traveling at speed or filtering in the conditions but these autopilot systems are going to have to work in real world situations. If everyone rode and drove to the letter of the Highway Code and adhered to every speed limit then those high accident and fatality figures would be dramatically reduced, but that is not how real life works.

As has been pointed out what we dont want is a 'good enough is good enough' system being rolled out and if there is a problem with bikes getting hit then the knee jerk reaction is to clamp down on motorcycles freedom to use all of the road network.
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Next PostPrevious PostSocial Posts > The Hinckley Arms > Can self driving cars see bikes?
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