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United Kingdom

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Speed Triple 1050

20 Jul 2018 09:08
Thanks for the responses guys :smile:

I have found that the bike tends to heat up pretty quickly, around 5 mins until the gauge is in the middle?

I did try to get the rad cap off and have a quick look, but can't even get the bugger off! is it a push down and twist job? are they a bitch to get off normally?

The fluid looks very clean in the res (nice and Green) so hopefully no head gasket issue's

When I got the bike last week, I rode all the way back from the sellers house which is some 50 Miles away, and have been riding it since, and did around 30 Miles yesterday, and have not had any issue, if I had to guess I would think maybe there is a res overflow pipe under the bike, the fluid got super hot, and it just blow some out of the pipe? (absolute guess work here BTW haha)

Started the bike up again an hour after this little issue, and nothing to report?

The One good thing to come out of this is that I noticed the oil filter is rusty (yes rusty!!) so can't have been changed for a very long time, so that's One little job this weekend lol (and I know I should have looked b4 I bought the bike, but I forgot)

All I can do for now is keep an eye on things, and keep everything crossed that I didn't buy a Lemon :beatup:

Thanks again Guys :smile:
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