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United Kingdom

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Speed Triple 1050

19 Jul 2018 17:34
Hi Guys

I went out for a spirited ride today, and as I pulled into my driveway and turned her off (it's a 2005 Speedy 1050 BTW) I noticed a small puddle of Green liquid under the bike, and a trail about 4 foot long where I pulled in?

Smells like Coolant, and look like Coolant, so I'm guessing that's exactly what it is

Only leaked out for a second from under the bike, and not doing it anymore? (I started it up again an hour later) also plenty of Coolant in the tank, so can't have been much that popped out.

Any ideas guys???

My initial guess would have been too much heat and pressure, and it simply blow out a bit from somewhere?

Thanks :smile:
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Next PostModel Range Posts > Roadsters > Coolant Blow Out?
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