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Terry Colley

Posts: 1157
Tiger (07->)

12 Sep 2017 00:38
Useful info there CAT3. I've had a couple of 955s and replaced the oem nylon fuel fittings on both with the metal equivalents. So, when I acquired my current Speedtona (Speed Tripled Daytona), I ordered another set intending to change them in due course. When I eventually got around to it I found my bike had the single rail fuel rail introduced on the 1050 series. Much better system, easier disconnect and not so squeezy in between the frame tubes.

I'm aware the last 955s sold in 2006 used various 1050 components incl crankcases but my bike is a late 2004 build so Triumph must have introduced this as a running change at some point.
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Previous PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Fuel Pipe Fittings
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