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South Manchester,
United Kingdom

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Daytona 955i (99-01)

11 Sep 2017 14:21
Just a quick update in case it's of any help/use to anyone in the future.

The two fuel pipes on my 2001 SSSA Daytona 955i are marked on the pipes as 7mm i/d for the supply & 9.5mm i/d for the return.
I believe earlier or later models may well have different set-ups such as a single fuel hose.

I ended up replacing all the plastic CPC quick release fittings for chrome plated brass CPC equivalents from Tom Parker.
The first fitting unscrewed easily from the fuel tank, but the second one snapped straight away !! A soldering iron worked well in melting what was left in so I could removed the remains fairly easily with a pick. I ran the fuel pump to clear out the fitting & ensure no debris was left in the pipe before fitting the new metal fitting.

Part number of the female fittings in the fuel tank are cLCD100040v.
The thread on both these fittings is 1/4"BSPT, (that's a BSP thread with TAPER - so the threads are forced together as you tighten them up). Seals are viton. I used Loctite on these threads, but PTFE tape will work just as well. Threading the fitting in just enough to start it & then applying the Loctite ensures no loctite gets into the fuel line !!!

The male fitting used for the 7mm supply (Lower) hose is part number cLCD230-04v.
This is listed as suitable for 1/4" hose, but the 7mm hose does fit, albeit slightly looser than I would have liked in a perfect world, but seals fine & once the hose clip is refitted, will not leak.

The male fitting for the 9.5mm return (Upper) hose is part number cLCD230-06v.
This is listed as suitable for 3/8" hose, but again the 9.5mm hose does fit & once the hose clip is refitted, will not leak.

I trimmed about 10mm off the end of each of the two fuel hoses prior to fitting the new fittings to remove some of the stretched section of the hoses & help provide a good, leak proof seal. Both the metal male fittings have shut-off valves the same as the original plastic fittings, unlike the Triumph replacement parts, which do not.

Normal service has now resumed on my Daytona !!
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