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New Jersey,

Posts: 53
Daytona 955i (04-06)

08 Sep 2017 21:54
OH BROTHER..your right X-Man...the MM3 w/ SAI does use some fuel.
Got the BC block offs in, removed the reeds, installed the blanking plates..removed all the SAI junk in airbox, plugged that..
Downloaded a Julian tune w/o back on mileage.
I'm running TOR, KN, 17/44..
I will say this, the block offs completely eliminate the decel pop, now the exhaust note is down to a nice rumble as it idles down...this is promising..sounds a little deeper too !
Just have to find the right tune
Do you, any of you do a TPS reset afterwards...? .If so, it will only allow me to do this TPS reset function in the 'Tests" bar...but when I switched over to "diagnostics' I saw the two circular arrows go blue-green..IF your doing a TPS reset, which parameter do you use-Tests or Diagnostics..or once you say YES to TPS reset doesn't matter ..
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