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United Kingdom

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Daytona 955i (02CE, 03)

03 Sep 2017 20:40
Nope MC2000 up to 2001 and MC1000 after. not compatible.

Management light will stay on for 3 complete hot cold cycles. Note the word COPMLETE here as just warming it up and letting it cool a bit will not work. There are conditions to be met before its is classed as a hot cold cycle.

What is this earth block you keep talking about? There is no earth block on your bike only an alarm connection block. Is this what is getting hot?

Has there ever been an alarm fitted? Perhaps someone has left some wiring in that is partially running to earth thus getting it warm. It has been known. Which bit is getting warm? 1-2 or 3-5 (assuming it is the alarm block we are talking about.

Is the charging current correct at around 14.6 volts when revved to around 5K rpm?

Ahh yes its the alarm block...1-2 are the ones still getting hot..
Only wiring left in loom is reg/rec outlet no longer used as now running direct to battery but still having the original problem before re-loomed??

Management light should extinguish after 3 heat cycles if no underlying problem. You ought to get yourself Tunecu ( free download ) and a connecting cable ( cost about £20 from Lonelec) to check fault codes or delete them. Also to install maps.

I doubt the problem is the ECU. If you want to pursue that route, you would do better see if you can borrow one. Yes, ECUs from other bikes will work, but you will need to remap to suit your bike and configuration. Make sure you use the correct ECU, S1000 T3 I think for yours.

Ahh yes looks like i need to get this tune ecu kit.
Hear lots of good info on it:grin:
yes i was thinking the ones S1000 T3 may be the same? i dont mind grabbing one just for ruling something else out and filling up the spares box :lol:
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