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United Kingdom

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Street Triple

27 Aug 2017 14:23
The problem first arose when I was out on my 2008 Street Triple on Saturday night, I had noticed that it had taken longer to turn over and the lights were a lot more dimmer than usual on the instrument cluster and the dipped beam and high beam. I was going round a bend and then my bike had cut out on me and wouldn't turn over again, It would jump start perfectly from a car but I tried a new battery and it turns over fine but I've put an amp meter on the battery whilst the engine is idle but it's not charging the battery but instead sapping the power the amps are sitting around 11/12 amps where as from what I've read it should be charging around 14.5 amps. Has anyone else had this problem? Also if anyone within around a 60 mile radius of Bedfordshire has one for sale I'd be willing to travel to pick it up as I need to try and get it fixed before Thursday so I can ride to Stormin The Castle instead of taking a car!

Any help it greatly appreciated!
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Stator or R/R broken?
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