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Daytona 955i (02)

09 Aug 2017 08:44
Many thanks for the reply Gazmo and thanks for the tip re Philpots - I've put in an enquiry with them.

In the back of my mind I was thinking I would probably have to replace the tube, although you can hardly see the scoring without a torch shining on it.

In case Philpotts turn around is too long, my plan B would be a Paulo Terrozzi replacement from Wemoto. Not sure if anyone has experience with these?

I'll have to get it apart to see what has gone wrong. It was fine before I tinkered with it, but there you go.

I remember that I did have a spot of bother with some fibres from the carrier I made from gaffer tape getting stuck under the new seal. By this I mean I made a double sided gaffer tape cylinder to go round the fork, so I could slide the seal onto it at the top and then slide the gaffer tape down the tube to avoid damaging the seal.

Maybe this was the cause. I'll strip the fork and post pictures.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Have I fooked my fork
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