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Wiltshire UK,
United Kingdom

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Trident 750

08 Aug 2017 09:49
would it be worth it / possible to upgrade to newer stick coils ?..think exuptoy did some on a cbr1000 he fixed up not long since..

I suppose I could, but bike is largely original, and I understand the way it currently works and I know these parts fit!

Looking at the way the coils are installed, I suspect I know why they have a reputation for being unreliable. They are solidly mounted to the frame (coils don't like vibration - learned that from an old Ducati) and they are also positioned over the motor and under a layer of insulation on the bottom of the tank. My insulation was, in fact peeling off and dropping down, trapping even more heat in the coil area.

I suspect overheating may be why mine failed during a few minutes of stationary running.

I'll try to put some rubber washers under them and increase the airflow round them a bit (and check my fan's working - I assume I should have one?)

Maybe stick coils is a brilliant idea!
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