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Wiltshire UK,
United Kingdom

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Trident 750

06 Aug 2017 14:51
Some help, please?

Just got in from a 100 mile run on my 98 750 Trident. Bike was running beautifully until I stopped to fiddle with earplugs. Noticed temp gauge was up our 50% after idling for a couple of mins where she normally sits at 20%. After a couple of miles temp has dropped but tacho stops working and bike cuts onto two. I'm 30 odd miles from home and don't have breakdown cover (yes, I probably should).

Limped the bike towards home on two for a few miles and then third cylinder kicks back in and tacho works again. Rode most of the way home with no issues. A few miles from home, same again, no rev counter, two cylinders. Got home, seems like no 1 cylinder exhaust is the cool one.

I'll pull the tank off any have a look later, but anyone recognise the symptoms and know what I need to look for? Thanks.
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > No tacho, running on 2...
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