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New Jersey,

Posts: 53
Daytona 955i (04-06)

04 Aug 2017 17:51
Have an '05 Daytona 955 K&N TOR...17/44
Wasn't much trouble to set up the Tune ECU parameters , down load the drivers even for a person like computers are not my acumen..
Next, the real time values, error code diagnostic, test features are super cool...Already used the error code,
So, I have an existing PC3 custom map, I down loaded a 'zero' map which puts the engine parameters back to stock.
Next, I downloaded a Julian tune..last on the list..upon finishing I heard a knock, like something shut off, wasn't the fuel pump ..The software was successfully down loaded, I disconnected..
Took it out for a spin after letting it idle, ..upon coming home, turning the engine off,,again that knock upon shut off..
Now the Julian tune is 'w/o SAI'..My D has SAI is the software turning this it harming the engine..pressure sound
Little snatchy on throttle....but there are other maps...
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Tune ECU Question
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