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South London,
United Kingdom

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Sprint ST (05->)

02 Aug 2017 12:24
Over a year later I'm still at square one. Have changed parts, got it remapped on a dyno, spoken to dozens of "experts" and banged my head against many brick walls, but no avail. Still have the hesitation when pulling away in first gear! :frown:

May be time to bite the bitter bullet and take it to Trumpet dealer. My fear is that they drag it out and charge a fortune just to tell me what's wrong (if they manage to identify the problem in the first place!) and then charge bigger fortune to fix it! Worse still they may not know the answer and I'll pay for them to tell me that too! :sad:

Question is I guess, does anyone really trust their Trumpet dealer to be honest and fair? If so, please can you recommend which dealer you use so I can pop along? I'm in South London (won't be going to Vauxhall any time soon - you'll know what I mean if you live near here!:lol:)
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Previous PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > Hesitant Acceleration
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