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South Manchester,
United Kingdom

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Daytona 955i (99-01)

29 Jul 2017 18:12
The front brake light micro switch is quite a common failure, I've change mine twice over the years & keep a spare now.
It's held in place on the underside of the brake lever by a couple of very small screws, from memory.
You should be able to remove the two screws, drop the switch down & disconnect the two wire connections. Joining the two wires should bring the brake light on, (I think !) if it doesn't the fault may well lie elsewhere.

Your fault may be connected to the fuel level sensor issue too, but I'd treat them as two separate faults initially. You should have a look at a wiring diagram & see if there are any common wires connected to both circuits.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Electrical woes
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