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east midlands,
United Kingdom

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18 Jul 2017 21:16
hi to all,just looking for advice or a few pointers to my running fine until other day,not been out for a while,so whilst sun was out,to her a ride out.filled up with petrol,bike started ok,decided to take a quick run down motorway,came of onto slip road started slowing and changing down gears,as I did revs dropped and stalled as approaching roundabout.managed to get started after a couple of goes.Got back on motorway towards home just incase I did have a problem,came of onto slip road again,slowing down down gears and gyess wot,ya revs dropped and stalled,took few more turns to get her goin but did eventually,so back home.Once its started and going up the gears and keeping low revs,seems ok.Just wondered if anybody has had similar problem,before I go back out on her.thanks for taking time to read catch ya later
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > daytona 1999 stalling
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