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Edward Ord
United Kingdom

Posts: 4
Sprint ST (05->)

15 Jul 2017 17:42
Hi, just fitted a Shock Factory M Shock to rear & Hyperpro springs to the ST.
Both have made a great difference to the handling and now feels much more comfortable & surefooted.

The M Shock is great quality and very reasonably priced at £350 inc delivery. Mike Capon at the Shock Factory was great to deal with and offered good advice.

The Hyperpro front came later due to a leaking fork seal. Replaced the seals with All Balls Racing items along with new bushings, again ABR items from Motostore direct. One problem came to light in that Triumph used two type of forks in the same model year - found this out the hard way after disassembly to find new bottom bushing was the wrong size. Guys at Motorstore sorted out new ones straightaway - great to deal with.

One other thing, one of the original springs was fitted upside down (tight coils at the top) any one know if this makes a difference?
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Next PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > Sprint st suspension
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