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Capn Redbeard
United Kingdom

Posts: 7

07 Jul 2017 12:38
Having read previous histories contained within archives and hearing that the P0230 (pump system fault) and P1231 (open circuit, or short to earth faults) usually require a replacement ECU if the pinpoint tests are all ok. Decided to purchase replacement ECU from breakers yard.
Recharged battery and connected new ECUand bike just roared back to life firing on all four cylinders:smile:

Fault must therefore lie within the ECU. Also read that little point in repairing these as uneconomical - has anyone mapped out the insides of these? Will probably open it up at a later date and have a look.

Still persevering with the tune ECU software as will definitely be better for the bike and also apparent that I can do more ..

Thanks X man for assistance. I still have a few minor bits to sort out prior to MOT time so will have to stay contented with my old xj for a little longer.
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Previous PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Fuel Pump error codes
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