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United Kingdom

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Speed Triple 1050

02 Jul 2017 20:36
Looks like my front brake light has packed up? Rear one is working fine but the front seemed to be working occasionally as my Fireblade riding mate told me after nearly ramming me whilst following the S3 on a ride last week!

I tried to test the microswitch tonight but it looks like it can't be removed from the master cylinder? Do you have to buy the whole brembo assembly if the switch is duff?(Surely not!) Looks like I'll have to chase the black cable going to the connecter block on the ignition switch to test as the rear brake light works so the common green/blue feeding the brake light connector is working with the rear brake light.

And just to top it all it looks like the fuel level sensor has thrown the towel in whilst out riding today. Even though there was about 3 bars of fuel showing it just disappeared but the fuel warning light isn't on, most bizarre.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Electrical woes
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