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Capn Redbeard
United Kingdom

Posts: 7

02 Jul 2017 12:20
Thought an update on my woes and experiences might help others and provide me with some direction.

Downladed Tuneecu and driver 2.8.24 for my old XPdriven laptop and cannot get it to talk to the bike, keep getting requests to turn on ignition despite turning on and off! so sought another solution..

Put my code reader on the bike and discovered that I have Fuel pump P0230 & P1231 fault codes. (perhaps this is the cause of my problems)

Been through all the tests Continuity ect, Cannot get any voltage reading on black/purple wire ( 3 second) but have 10.63V @ G/R
a little confused as pump does prime for a few seconds when ignition switched on ( is this the B/P wire from ECU ? ).

I Have checked plugs and coils and have spark at No1 cylinder ( my initial post as non firing) If B/P wire at 1/h1 does supply initial prime then is ECU still ok ?

I was thinking that if fuel pump is not working correctly would insufficient fuel pressure cause a single cylinder to not fire? or do I delve deeper and go for shims on input?

trust someone can offer a little advice but still plugging away at tring to conect bike and laptop.

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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Fuel Pump error codes
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