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Tiger Sport

24 Jun 2017 16:09
Can anybody help me out with this?

A simple job I know, but due to being away all week at the moment, thanks to my new job, I'm struggling to find any time, and would probably make a hash of it anyway! :blush:

On the Tiger forum, I saw pictures of a mount that someone had made up, to mount a 'Tool Tube' in the space the standard can would go on my Tiger Sport, which would give a handy bit of extra space when touring, as well as filling the odd gap in the right hand pannier...




The chap who made it was kind enough to send me his plans (Cheers Phil!), so if anyone can knock me one up out of 3mm steel in the next couple of weeks, before I head off to Europe, I'd be eternally grateful!

Beer tokens in exchange of course. :smirk:
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Manufacturing Help Wanted.
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