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Terry Colley

Posts: 1157
Tiger (07->)

05 Jun 2017 00:05
Okay. Somehow you have to get TuneECU to connect. Have your computer connected to the mains and a charger connected to the bike so there are no low voltage issues with either. Try connecting the OBDII cable to the bike and the computer and turning the ignition on even before you open TuneECU. And make sure it opens with your last known map, so populate it first. It also helps to have TuneECU on the desktop. It doesn't like being a long way down the file chain.
i.e. C:\Desktop\TuneECU2.5.5 is much better than say,
C:\users\Dell\Program Files\Bike Stuff\Triumph\TuneECU

Keep trying and when you least expect it TuneECU will connect and most likely go into recovery mode on its own accord.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Tuneecu problem
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