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United Kingdom

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Speed Triple 1050

31 May 2017 21:25
Have just been doing a tps reset on my 98 T595 and while in there i noticed the left hand section in Tune ECU has a line for "Temperature" which was reading 48 degrees, 1.63V 0.59V.

There is also a dial type gauge in this section of Tune ECU which shows engine coolant temperature which was at 90-96 odd while idling away.

Also i have been noticing the actual temp gauge on the dash is only showing approx 20% from minimum (at a guess about 20-40 degrees? there's no values on the actual gauge.

So my question is what temperature is the one on the left in Tune ECU refering to?

Also any ideas why my actual gauge on dash is not showing the actual temp? the cooling fan comes on and off as usual in traffic etc and the gauge in Tune ECU appears to be showing correct?


oh, also my Barometric reading is at 1017hPa in tune ECU, does this sound about right?
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Tune ecu/temp gauge not matching
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