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East Yorkshire,
United Kingdom

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Daytona T595

27 May 2017 12:10
Guys i finally got around to putting the new tank together and back on the bike.

the (new and old) front of tank cover does not fit...! the bolt holes do not line up. They do line up with the old tank, not the new one :angry: It seems the new tanks bolt holes are in a slightly different place.

With a tiny bit of dremel work, i could get the three bolts across the top in, but there is NFC with the bolts at each side.

With the three bolts in the top, the cover sits alright on the tank. Since i am going to get it all painted, i've thought about getting them to fill in the 2 side bolt holes with plastic prior to paint. Is the 3 bolts across the top strong enough do you reckon? Or even if I cut down the side bolts and just glue the metal heads in place, y'know - for asthetics?

pretty shocking that WoT are supplying new tanks and covers where the bolt holes don't line up.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Fuel Plate
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