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Sprint ST (99-01)

17 May 2017 13:17
Hi everyone, I also posted this in the Touring section and the guys there suggested I put it in the right place (here!).


I’m new - both to Triumph and the forum. I got my Sprint ST 2000 about 2 weeks ago, it is my first ‘big bike’.

Until now, it has been running great, I’ve done around 150 miles or so. But the weather here has been terrible this last few days, it got wet, and on Sunday I had my first problem. (Koro suggested the soaking might be coincidental on the touring forum BTW): It started (2nd time), ran for a while, then stalled, and wouldn’t start again. Fuel pump primed, headlights worked, starter motor would crank, but no fire.

So yesterday I changed out the spark plugs, squirted what I could with contact cleaner, and swapped the battery with a fully charged (Oxford oximiser) Yuasa, and - HOORAY! - it started first crank. I left it running for a little while and then went to get ready leathers on etc and take it for a ride. When I came back to the bike again, it had the same problem that it had previously: I turn the key and hear the fuel pump prime, I press the starter switch and the starter motor cranks, but the engine doesn’t fire.

I’ve checked the fuses (all OK) and I’ve sprayed the main relay with contact cleaner again. I’m in neutral, pulling on the clutch, and the kill-switch is on ‘run’. I’m not pulling on the throttle whilst cranking. :smile:

As I said in the touring forum, I’m really getting desperate as I ride to work everyday. My little 125 is being collected by buyer tomorrow and I will be looking at a 4 mile walk to the train station every day :sad:

Thanks for your help. I really appreciated being able to look at these forums over the last few days to try to find out more about my bike.
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Sprint ST 2000 won't start :( --- new biker, any suggestions?
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