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United Kingdom

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Daytona T595

16 May 2017 08:04
When I turn the ignition on I hear a few clicks where before when the bike ran I would hear an electronic noise, I purchased a new relay but still the same issue. The bike turns over how it would normally but won't start. I noticed the black hose in the tank between fuel pump and filter when you try starting the bike sprays fuel out of several holes when fuel is low but as this is in the tank and the holes look uniform I don't know if this correct and a pressure thing. Since taking the tank off the one breather pipe on the left had split and connector a bit corroded, also the seal around the plate on the tank has a few cracks in it but their are no signs of fuel leaking. I popped to performance Triumph on Saturday and they said £3,000.00 to £4,000.00 to fix then said you could have a 25,000 mile service for £1,500.00. In the end a nice helpful guy gave me a number for a self employed mechanic called Tim but I haven't contacted him yet.
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