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Sir Alan of Ingol
sespit of the north,
United Kingdom

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08 May 2017 15:16
or how the hell does a cdo work ?

got a cdi on a little suzuki , 2 plugs on it , first plug is a blue and a green , they dissapear into the altenator to the pickup thingy , the altenator is goosed (burnt our coils and giving about 4 volts) , the other plug has 3 wires , two of those seem to be going to the ign coil , leaving a 3rd wire ,is this 12v power?

you can "hot wire" the bike , IE remove ign switch plug and it bumpstarts but not with a duff altenator , as the switch is dead no charge goes from the altenator to the battery , so the bike is running on fresh air ?

where is this simple cdi getting power to substain life from , the altenator or the main battery
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > electricery
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