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East Midlands,
United Kingdom

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06 May 2017 21:52
Well i now have a fluffing Trident! I have cleaned carbs, fitted new float needles, pilot screws and pilot jets reset the pilot screws to factory settings.I runs well on all 3 when on full throttle but fluffs on tick over and on light throttle. It even fluffs when on choke.
The fluff can be heard and felt through both exhaust pipes and stops when i disconnect ht lead 2. It then runs on cylinders 1 & 3 but does not fluff! Am i right i thinking that number 2 could be the source of the fluff as it shares both exhausts. If the fluff originates in 1 or 3 the fluff would only be present in one exhaust as the left exhaust does cyl 1 & 2 and the right exhaust does cyl 2 & 3.
I have considered an electrical fault to cylinder 2 and have swapped plug, coil and lead with another cylinder and the fluff stays with number 2. Compressions and valve clearances are good.
I am tempted to now swap the components from carb 2 to carb 1 or 3 and see if the fluff follows the components.
I am also thinking that this may be an ignition module fault but that would be unlikely as the fluff was not there before the carb rebuild.
Anyone had any similar problems? or words of advice?:grin:
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Fluffing Trident
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