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East Midlands,
United Kingdom

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04 May 2017 20:31
Im beginning to wonder if i will ever get my bike running right this season!

Had a misfire when started it up after being parked up over winter.

changed plugs, leads and coil packs.
Checked valve clearances.
Checked Compressions.
Cleaned and balanced carbs.

Still misfired on number. Swapped various interior carb components from carb 1 to carb 3. Found faulty pilot jet.
Ordered new pilot jets from EBC brakes in Northampton (great service).
Fitted 3 new pilot jets and the engine now runs on three again.
The engine does fluff on idle and when cruising around 4-5000rpm.
When it does fluff I can feel it through both exhausts at the same time as if all three cylinders are missing at the same time. ?electrical?

I have replaced and reset the idle screws to factory settings.

Does anyone know if fine tuning the idle mixture could improve this fluffing?

At what stage does the main jet take over. I have no problems when i am on full throttle.

I am on the Leicestershire / Northamptonshire border and would appreciate any recommended repairers in my area.

Thanks guys.:smile:
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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Trident 900 lumpy running
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