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United Kingdom

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Daytona T595

03 May 2017 15:48
So, SirAlan...

I jumped the gun and swapped just the polarity in the socket relay to suckitandsee . The 'I' (you n me know what that is, so far), was swapped before me looking at the scratches, so I swapped back polarity and tested the CF13 relay. IT NOW WORKS PERFECT.


You see, forthcoming folks like yourself are, in my opinion, GOLD DUST.

If only I could buy you a few jars. I'd get you drunk in return of your advice and thoughts. Thank you.

As it turns out, the plug for flasher relay had traces of jiggerypockery from prev mods, and i shudder to think how far he went.

Magestic forums like this are seriously excellent knowledge bases those kids need to engage in too. I suspect you are on the case there too! You get my vote!

My eternal gratitude Sir.:thumbup:
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