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United Kingdom

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Daytona T595

03 May 2017 13:11
okdoky, terminology my bad. glossary my gobbledeegook:

lights/bulbs = all idiot lights. my t595 has all incandesent or filament bulbs in this array.

LED i shall only call LED, not a bulb, ever... just because its a Light Emmiting Diode... (sorry for seeming condisending)

Warning lights/array = idiot lights.

"on your other post (getting lost here) you said that all 4 + the warning light flashed in one direction , but all 4 flashed and the warning light glowed in the other , hence me thinking a LED unit was used in the warning lamp ,"

Correct. This was prior to me removing resistors and your excellent diode mod. Post diode mod and removal of 4 old 10ohm resistors, the flow of power is even in all areas, still using the old resistor. Its just the rate is now fast flashing with old Hella relay. The new cf13 LED relay is not powering up.

Correct, I have no LEDs in the warning lamp array. i suspect its a polarity thing at the flasher relay end now, as you suggested.

"have you check the relay socket , relay removed / ign on , left or right ind on , which pin has voltage and which has an earth connection ?"

Not yet. Been under my van's bonnet all morning.

if cats had thumbs, they'd hijack our finances directly with internet banking, hence their repugnant attitude towards our laptops and keyboards, if only they knew thumbs are for space bars! shhh...

Thanks so far... next I'll be reporting the situation here on this thread. I think the Definitive guide will have me write a summery walk-through too.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > led relay
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