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Sir Alan of Ingol
sespit of the north,
United Kingdom

Posts: 13811

03 May 2017 10:46
the "bulb" in the warning light will not affect the speed of your flashers , unless you change it to a 10w or 21w bulb

on your other post (getting lost here) you said that all 4 + the warning light flashed in one direction , but all 4 flashed and the warning light glowed in the other , hence me thinking a LED unit was used in the warning lamp ,

have you check the relay socket , relay removed / ign on , left or right ind on , which pin has voltage and which has an earth connection ?

cat well fed this morning after checking paypal , just need to train her to go to the PO now :lol:
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > led relay
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